Brief History of Borg Home

The idea for Borg Home started with Dr. B. J. Brandson, a native of the Gardar community. Dr Brandson suggested building a facility in Pembina County for elderly individuals that were unable to live independently.  In 1944, Dr  Brandson submitted the idea to Dr. Harald Sigmar,  pastor of the ND Icelandic parish.  A board of directors was established with a representative from each of the following congregations:  Vikur, Gardar, Hallson, Eyford, Vidalin, Fjalla, Peters, and Upham.

The next several years were spent choosing a location, planning construction, and securing funds. Construction was scheduled to start June 24th, 1948 on the current location overlooking the Red River Valley.  The cornerstone ceremony was held September 19th, 1948 with 1500 people attending.  In late October, the building was closed in and work suspended for the winter. With the arrival of spring, work began again and the home was ready for occupancy.

A dedication ceremony, with 500 people attending, was held Sunday, October 23, 1949. Thus the Borg Pioneer Memorial Home was successfully built and dedicated to the memory of the pioneers of North Dakota.

In the spring of 1977, plans were made for the addition of an elevator.  The elevator project was complete in February of 1978.  In addition to the elevator, a new activity room, beauty shop, maintenance room, and stairway were built.

The new addition on the west of Borg began in September of 1985.  This project, which was completed in May 1986,  included new dietary facilities, conference room, offices, rest rooms, activity room, and spacious, open concept dining/living room with large windows to bring beautiful outdoor views into the home.

There were many other projects and updates through the years to improve resident life and meet current codes/regulations.  The development and ongoing life of Borg Home is made possible by supporters of Borg.